Sunday, 10 June 2012

Butterflies and Rainbows

I am doing a double post here today because I wanted to share the last couple of manicures that I have done...

The first one is "Butterflies". .. Megan is a former girlfriend of my son but because she became such a big part of our family during their relationship we just couldn't let her go(and luckily her and my son remain friends).  Megan is such a wonderful girl and I consider her the daughter I was never able to have, I am blessed to have her apart of my life....So when she needed her nails done for the prom it was a no brainer! The picture doesn't do it justice I believe and it was worth it just to see her eyes light up at the finished product.

Megan had a great time at the Prom, and of course had the best nails there(if I do say so myself)... :)

Number two.... Rainbows

I was scanning the YouTube videos and found soo many tutorials with Neon colors...I just purchased a TON of nail polish in my last trip to the States so I thought I would take the Neon's out for a spin but I knew I didn't want to wear them bare(I am not quite that brave) so I saw a tutorial that looked cool but I had no Scotch Tape so I thought I would just "fly by the seat of my pants" and see where it took me, and .. SUCCESS!!!!

I am VERY happy with this one.....and I even managed to get the lines pretty darn straight. I am on several different medications and one of them tends to make my hands shake pretty bad but tonight the nail polish gods smiled down on me.

The picture doesn't show it real well but all my neons are irridescent and pick up the light!!! I am soo happy with this!!

Hope you like this and feel free to comment or make a request!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Your so sweet Linda :) I loved the nails and so did everyone at prom ! Thanks again!